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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bring Her To Me

At desert i was alone
keep walking unguidence
sun burning me
sand blinding me
wind laughing me
found the voices came every single turning
around me haunted for kill me
by the lighteness
blow the kindness
hitting me never stop
cause im also didn't know i am traped here
blinded, lost
without see which way
cacth every pray
mok the kindly day
infront of my mistakes
killing me by blades
but im willing today
awake and seeing
and proof to whole world
i never want at this place
and change all those felt are false.

Not the desert
no madness state
Dearest. Hold my hand.

14 Februari 2010


  1. valentine brings love no?
    be happy whenever wherever.

    happy valentines day,
    buddy-bigbrother-significant other-dude!